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Welcome for your Virtual Event’s Set-up, Tech check and Live Demo
Kindly contact us to confirm the Login timeslot booked by you, for your respective EVENT/ Demo/ Camera input testing & setup into the virtual panels and sets/ Dry-runs, and your LIVE EVENT! We wish you a wonderful experience!
You may click on the top right button or the one below to contact us or call us at 
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Important Instructions

  • To join the webinar as a guest, you will need a laptop/desktop computer, webcam, headphone/earphone with a microphone, and a good internet connection.
  • For the best results and experience, the following is recommended for each guest joining the webinar:
  • PC/Laptop only with Intel Core i3 or faster processor (or AMD equivalent) with 4 GB RAM or higher
  • Webex/Teams/Zoom application – download Zoom from here; avoid joining from web-browser
  • Must use a headphone or earphone with mic
  • Good quality HD USB Webcam, built-in or USB plug-in
  • Wired internet connection of min. 5 Mbps or higher. Recommended using a dedicated wired internet connection (without sharing with any other device).
  • Be in a quiet place, avoid noisy environments
  • Be in front of a blank and light-shaded wall; the light source should be from the front, not behind.
  • Ensure no other web-conferencing applications (like MS Team, Google Meet, etc.) are turned on your computer, as that may create conflict and mic/camera might not work in the Zoom application

Virtual Event Set-up & Tech-Check for Live Streaming

We know about your hectic schedule.
So we only take less of your time, which is absolutely necessary as per the customized requirement of the positioning of  ‘Remote Guests/Speakers/Presenters/ Discussion Panelists’ video feeds, into the Virtual Panels and the set.

We ask of you for two hours of Live Setup & Tech Check time before Events with Virtual Discussion Panels, prior to the event!

Because we make it as easy for you… to use a simple App such as  Webex or Zoom in the frontend, yet we do TV like Live Production off it and LIVE Stream your VIRTUAL EVENTS. Even though most of the speakers these days are pros in webinars and online events… We need your cooperation in practice for synchronized-coordination with your counterpart
remote guests, consistent camera framing; as well as for remote live set-up: linking your feed for live video switching, live graphics & name bands overlaying; social media integration; for all our backend teams for your live production, encoding and streaming.

Advance Setup and Practice makes it perfect

We also know the only way you truly understand a subject is by practicing it in a real environment. This is why we’ve set a Tech Check window that’s a full two hours of live testing during set up, prior to the event! We also give a 5 to 15min window per remote speaker, one day prior to the event for coordination and your audio-video quality feed as well as the lighting and camera framing, one day prior to the event. You may clarify any questions or challenges during this session.