Here’s an introduction to our elite Virtual Studio. We thank you for showing interest in us, and look forward to partnering with you, to make your VIRTUAL EVENTS a success!

 You can run Play Lists of your Audio- Video, Photographs, before, after, or during the event.  You need to provide a Runsheet of the flow of your event ideally 10 days before the event for us to setup our project for smooth, flawless, TV like live production & execution of your event.

Welcome to your Live Virtual and Hybrid Events Webcast Show- reel page. Thank you for your interest!

Contact US for your GRAND - VIRTUAL or Hybrid EVENTS!

As your Online Media Partner, it is our endeavor to assist- all organizations that are doing great service to the economy and the masses! Most organizations are reaching out to their target audience via FREE platforms such as WebEx, Teams, Zoom etc. While that is ok for your daily meetings; however we propose you to choose as your LIVE MEDIA PARTNER for an extra special impact, with live TV like production, & Live Webcast of your GRAND – VIRTUAL or Hybrid EVENTS! Together with your event organizer, we facilitate this platform for live TV like production with proper branding, inter-sperced with pre, live and post-roll Audio/ Video, Photo playlists, graphics, animations etc. We can also include, Virtual sets and virtual discussion panels. Your Event can be Streamed LIVE on all the agreed social media platforms and sites, as agreed during the discovery meetings, and agreements. Or under  our respective initiative portals that support the following under our CSR-SPONSORSHIP schemes:
1> Economic Development @
2> Wellness @
3> Upgrade your skillsets @

Other than that we also execute your Superior Corporate Online Solutions for VIRTUAL & Hybrid events; Meetings, Learnings & Webinars.

Your Events are Live streamed to all agreed websites and social media platforms! 

There is an Event Registration Page for the online Attendees to Register for your Event. Plus we have the following three live online applications interconnected for a synchronized coordination and expanded experience. 
A> ‘Backstage Meetings Lounge’ for conducting discovery meetings. Planning, organizing and setting up your events.
B> ‘Live Event Panelist / Speaker LOGIN’ to the dias/ the Group Discussion Panel.
C> ‘Event-Attendees Login –Teams’
D> ‘Event-Attendees Login -Zoom’ 
 You may contact us  for your enquries or register for our FREE Virtual EVENTS Special Webinars!