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Our intent is to build new opportunities for the future leaders of our country, and of the Global economy!

In this current scenario, the year 2021 has rolled out, with a little hope, and a lot of caution! Millions of people have so far been vaccinated, which for now, protects them from getting ill; but they still can be carrying the virus & be contagious. Practicing physical distancing is still required until a big majority of people are inoculated. And also, this further mutation of the COVID-19 virus strain; and its’ further unpredictable risks, are to be taken into consideration. Having that given; We must join hands to connect and engage with each other! In an effective, efficient, and yet sustainable environment. So to bring out and nurture new possibilities, of livelihood, wellness, peace, and economic evolution!

Yet we all need to be diligent and vibrant to open up new doors! We must- march forward with sensibility and precaution. We have to be prudent, and cautious, to make our workplaces and our lives safe, & responsibly sustainable.  We need to be creative, and innovative too, to see how best can each one of us contribute our bit of share! Today we all find ourselves demanding our rights! But this is our time, for each one to give some; more than we can hope to get! 
We realize that Industries that create JOBs will not be able to run… Unless everyone supports each other.  Hence we urge everyone across the Globe to the MNCs, Corporates, Wellness related products & services Conglomerates, or organizations under their corporate communication / Training / Learning or  CSR initiatives! We can also help you organize smaller individual organization Events!

 All member organizations of the Global village that make up the various industries of the economy! We urge you all to pitch in as well, at whatever scale you can give! As we have said in our opening video, on the post-Covid situation – as the NEW Normal… We need everyone who can step up, in whatever capacity, to pitch in their bit, so as to drive our life energies and our economy back on a good track.

We at VIRTUAL STUDIO too, have pitched in what we are good at… We facilitate online platforms for Live streaming Corporate Events; Online Meetings, e-learnings, and Webinars! 

Our services being offered are closely linked with two factors. First is – Our talent and Second is our resolve to reform and rejuvenate; and our desire to aid the agenda “Revival with care”, “Revival with compassion”, Revival which is sustainable – both for the environment and the economy. With the contribution of our talent-force and tech professionals, we facilitate you a platform where you can contribute your bit to overcome challenges! By facilitating   VIRTUAL EVENTS   platforms that we urge you to use and sponsor!  Our intent is to facilitate a platform where we urge each one who can step up to also contribute your bit of service; with a good agenda to reform; i.e. for setting up the new normal trends; that have constructive social or economic impacts.

We especially welcome Overseas Member Organizations, EOUs/SEZ/STP/EHTP to join hands with us in showcasing your service or product and hosting your events with us at these Virtual Events Venues… with Live and on-demand streaming on portal depending on the environment that suits your product/service. Plus on your website and on YouTube / Facebook/ Any other page of your choice!

As long as it meets the prerequisite of the intent being for the highest good.  These Venus are unique for each HOST! Password-protected. So only people you permit, can enter, and participate in the capacity, you permit them to. We can also customize and scale up your live events. Through these platforms,  we help get together – live remote panels of thinkers and leaders!  We propose to be the Event Technical Moderator / Co-Host and Co-Sponsor the initial cost of creating and sustaining these platforms!

We keep the front-end simple and familiar for the panelists to keep their thoughts focused mostly on their agenda and do all the setup at the backend to tie-up, note, and program as per the run sheet during the setup and tech check sessions. So we can discreetly do live remote productions, including live video switching, graphics and media laying, social media integration, encoding, and live streaming. 
Your cooperation during tech check and setup enables our teams to do a lot of paddling work underwater, and prior to the event; Thereafter you sail smoothly and effortlessly as a swan with minimum or no distractions during the live event to you and your target audience.

We program our system for taking Audio-Video feeds from your Zoom meetings or Webex Meetings at the client end… and tie it up to locations in your given set design and virtual panels. We then can do TV-like quality of Live Production and streaming during your live meetings on our VIRTUAL EVENTS platforms.yy


Above all,  we also are seeking the support of our Government! We urge all Export Promotion Councils too, to Host online events to help promote us in our purpose and the industry by taking us on as your Online Media Partner; to be a platinum sponsor of our Project.

Our VIRTUAL EVENT   platforms give your Event host the required complimentary environment portals such as: PORTAL for events on Public Health and the Wellness of body, mind, and soul. 

We are happy to host here, your related content and Related events within these respective environments. PORTAL for the sharing of innovative knowledge, skills, and ideas going forth to deal with, survival, and further get set to innovate our living in this New NORMAL!

We propose to provide you a technical Moderator on each live panel of 1 industry promoting sponsor as the likes of EPCES, Host, with a few government / legal/statutory officials to enlighten us on the government policies and show us the light.

 Here we propose to invite industry and economic promoters such as EPCES members as guests. To bring up real-world issues on the table. 

We choose one panel per industry segment per webisode.

Each 4th Friday, we take the input of the formed council committee and the honorable govt officials to identify the Promotion Council Host, and the Guest speaker Panel, for the next event before rolling it out! Next 2 weeks we organize the event. The third week shall have a demo and set up for each panel and Every 3rd Friday we propose to have the live event rolled out.

Depending on the sponsorship you give us, we provide the value back to you in terms of upto 3, 6 or 12 events in a year! See VWSWORLD Sponsorship schemes for details on the same.
It is also our commitment to give our support and sponsorship for Co-Hosting these Events. We rely on our government to support and promote these events as well as to provide us with information and support for Promoting industries, and for encouraging and mobilizing our Global Community towards constructive participation and positive engagement!

We welcome, all including Govt. Organizations, Conglomerates, Industry promotion Councils, Virtual Studio Partners, Student volunteers & Young Executive! Please support us and fix meetings to discuss this, And also Join in our webinar dated 23rd April 2021 and plan our future event with you to further shape and realize our joint vision! We look forward to joining hands with your enthusiastic support to play a leading role in the global revival. To facilitate online platforms for Live streaming Corporate Events; Online Meetings, e-learnings, and Webinars! 

Our contribution to your purpose is closely linked with two factors. First is – Our talent and Second is our resolve to reform and rejuvenate and our desire to aid the agenda Revival with care, Revival with compassion, Revival which is sustainable – both for the environment and the economy. 

With the contribution of our talent-force and tech professionals, we help facilitate a reliable platform for you to focus on the vision to overcome challenges, be it social or economic.

We urge all with useful knowledge, to please contribute your skills, and make it a Resource that is like a Gyan and Gun Sagar for the nation and the humanity world over!  And via;  We sincerely urge our industry to encourage our Global Community in participation and engagement for our common purpose!

Please step up, and JOIN VSWORLD Membership or the  Grand SGP Sponsorship Scheme*. To support our above purpose!

Hey, you are still in time to avail of the special membership offer for booking your Virtual Events in this year of Resurgence in 2021!
In this new world scenario, whether your teams are working from home or in smaller teams from your offices… We help you all to connect with your target audience while providing an engaging experience to your content; making it visually appealing and easy to navigate. We aid you to drive your business faster-further-farer!